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zippedy doo dee doo da dum

flash guide to electronic music; with samples! Easily the coolest thing I've seen this week. If nothing else, I plan to sit with it and compile a list of music to find.

The Curry Experiment was a success last night! I'll have to tone down the chilies if I make it for lizard, but I got the flavour, texture and colour I was looking for. The mango lassi wasn't quite right; a bit too sweet, and not thick enough. I will have to play with that recipe some more. Using standard Loblaws "flatbreads" as replacement naan worked fairly well, too. The only thing I need to work on with the curry was that it was a bit too salty.

As much as I love my neeuqdrazil, I really hate her alarm clock; most alarms I've met, if you smash enough buttons on the top, they'll stop going off. Not hers. no matter which button you hit, it'll go off again in 5 minutes. So I got woken up every 5 minutes between 6 and 7 this morning (after going to bed at 2:30am) until I was finally awake enough to turn a light on and disable the alarm through fiddling with several buttons in concert. Now that I know how it works, I may be able to disable it in the dark next time. But I might also rip it from the wall and throw it across the room.

Had another recalled dream this morning, but instead of odd sex I dreamt of unpleasant things that would, if they happened in real life, leave deep psychological scars. The general theme was despair.

I've slept later than I intended this morning; I had hoped to be thinking about leaving for Oakville by now, but I am still sitting here in my bathrobe posting to LJ. Now, to the shower, then feed the Bastard and I before I abandon him to a day locked up with my playstation.
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