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I've got a couple of goals for myself for the next year. My nutritionist wants me to get below 200 on her scale in 10 months (most recently, I weighed in at 218 on her scale). That would put me much closer to the "healthy" range of the BMI scale. My own goal is to get myself to 200 on the gym's scale by TBR (the gym currently shows me at around 210).

The kind of vague way I've been going about weight loss so far has pretty much reached it's limits, so I'm going to need to be more careful and dedicated if I want to get to where I want to be.

To that end, I have worked out a couple of things to start doing in addition to my existing schemes. I write them here in the hopes that I'll actually do something about it.

  • Be more strict about portion sizing (1 cup of rice/pasta/corn or 2 slices bread, plate should be at least 1/2 non-starch veg). Also, easy on the pasta; once every 2 weeks on average is probably a good target.

  • Exercise every day instead of just when I can get myself to the gym. I'm planning to do pushups and sit-ups, preceded by a 5 minute warm up and my stretching set.

  • To get the previous point to happen, I need to have enough floor space to do pushups and sit-ups. This means I need to finally clear out the boxes of crap next to my side of the bed and put down the rug I got for Xmas from the lovely neeuqdrazil

The weight loss rate I'm looking at isn't that incredible, so I think this is a reasonable plan when combined with what I'm doing. We'll see how it's going when I check in with the nutritionist next month.
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