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bad night.

I have been having a bad night.

I'm on call this week, so getting to the gym was made more fun by having to lug my laptop bag with my copy of Quicksilver shoved into it through the crowds.

When I got there, I went to warm up and stretch, only to find that the area I usually use was full. So, fine, I go downstairs. It was empty down there. Of course, by the time I got done, and wanted to do my kung fu forms, it was too late go up and start in the sometimes-free-studio, since it usually has classes at 6, and I'd be midway through at 6, and the instructors are usually pissy if someone is in the room at their time.

So, I did my kung fu downstairs, too, and it was still pretty quiet, so that was fine. During that time, though, all the elliptical machines filled up on both floors. So, I went and did 5 minutes on the rowing machine. My usual cardio routine is 10 minutes of kung fu, 30 minutes of elliptical (ideal because it's very low-impact, which is important when you're a heavy man) and then 5 minutes of bike, rowing machine or stair climber. After the 5 minutes of rowing, the ellipticals were still in use, so I decided to do treadmill for 10 minutes, since I hadn't in a while.

2 minutes in, my calves both cramped up quite painfully, and I nearly fell. That decisively ended my workout. I went into the change room, had a shower, and then discovered that the hot tub, the best way to treat cramped calves, IME, was out of service.

Then I went back and got dressed. I discovered that when I had taken off my watch, I had not only broken the band on my watch, but snapped the pin in half. So I can't wear my watch until I take it somewhere to get fixed, which will likely not be until Friday or Saturday. When I put my combat boots on, the lace snapped in half, near the bottom.

When I went to the grocery store, I couldn't find the fajita sauce neeuqdrazil had asked for, and then a woman ran over me while I was waiting in line.

I feel like shit. I'm limping, and I didn't get far enough into my workout to build up the endorphin/adrenaline rush I usually use to keep myself going until I get dinner made.

I should go do some dishes now, and try to get dinner made before neeuqdrazil gets home. I think I may drink a little bit of kalivor's tequila first, though, so that I don't pass out.
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