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OK, folks, it's time to figure out February... I want to go out gothclubbing at least once in Feb., so if people have a night that would work better for them, and want to go with me, speak up.

I also know that there are various RPG things that people are talking about. night__watch is supposed to be in Beta Colony for the first leg of his sojourn the weekend of Feb. 7, though we're not sure which day he's arriving. GMs with night__watch-y games may want to keep that in mind.

Beyond that, here's a list of games that I'm thinking about running;

  • More SAS; I've got the next few "issues" planned out.

  • I've been thinking about co-running a fantasy game with kalivor

  • I've also been thinking about running Cry of the Unicorn as a face to face game, though I might like to wait until night__watch gets back to do this, since Marcus is pretty involved in the plot as I left it. The Chaosians might want to recast themselves in one way or another if this ever happens, since not much ever happened with the Chaos team.

  • I also want to play in some games, so hopefully the rest of you have ideas too.

  • neeuqdrazil got a steampunk RPG called Victoriana at xmas time, so theoretically she'll be looking to run that at some point too.

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