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Have you ever had a song written about you? neeuqdrazil has done a few, though I don't know that they've ever been written down.
What song makes you cry? It used to be Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat. But then, this is coming from the guy who used to make mix tapes with names like "Tears in the Dark", so it might be fair to say that I used to be addicted to my own angst.
What song makes you happy? Depends on my mood. No one song stands out too dramatically though.
What do you like to listen to before bed? neeuqdrazil


HEIGHT: 5' 11, or around 180 cm
Color of hair: currently black
Skin Color: pasty
Eye Color: hazel
Piercings: 4
tattoos: 2


What color pants are you wearing?: Black
What song are you listening to?: Juno Reactor: Feel the Universe
What's the taste in your mouth?: Water
What's the weather like?: Pleasantly cool.


Get motion sickness?: No
Have a bad habit?: Yes.
Get along with your parents?: Better than I used to.
Like to drive?: Surprisingly, I am starting to.


T.V. Show: I dunno. Family guy? Buffy? Six Feet Under?
Conditioner: The stuff for dyed hair that I use, because it is mighty.
Book: Right now, I'm leaning towards Snow Crash, but it might be different in 5 minutes.
Magazine: I don't really read magazines... Maxim?
Alcoholic Drink: Scotch
Thing to do on the weekend: Drink, play video games, have sex, play board games, role play, pursue personal projects.
Band,Group,Singer,or Rapper: I'm fond of Juno Reactor just now.


Broken the law: frequently.
Ran away from home: Nope.
Snuck out of the house: No... but since I was never told I couldn't go out, there wouldn't have been much point.
Ever gone skinny dipping: nope, unless the_doughboy's hot tub counts.
Made a prank call: Nope.
Ever tip over a porta potty: No. Why the hell would you want to?
Used your parents credit card before: no
Skipped school before: yes
Feel asleep in the shower/bath: Frequently
Been in a school play: back in elementary school
Let a friend cry on your shoulder: Yes


Boyfriend: Not at the moment
Girlfriend: Yes.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Children: Not if I can help it.
Current Crush: Slightly more of these than I want.
Been in love?: Yes.
Had a hard time getting over someone: See current crush.
Been hurt?: Yes.
Your greatest regret: I like where I am, and what I've done has got me here. So, no major regrets.


Do You have a job?: Yes.
Your cd player has in it right now: see...dee... player? Actually, my cd player at home has something by Assemblage 23 in it, because I haven't got computer speakers in the bedroom yet.
If you were a crayon,what color would you be?: black. Like my soul.
What makes you happy?: Lovers, friends, monkeys.
Who makes you the happiest?: What, is this a friggin' contest?
What's the next cd you're going to get?: Possibly something by Juno Reactor.
Who do you consider good friends?: Those people whom I do not stab in the eye.
What do you like to do?: Defenestrate popes, immanentise the eschaton.


Time you cried?: Hmm. Quite a while ago, I think.
You got a real letter?: I dunno, it's been a while... something from neeuqdrazil anyway.
Thing you purchased: Breakfast buffet on sunday.
TV program you watched: Crappy ass Simpsons on Sunday.
Movie You saw in the theater: Big Fish.


Abortion: There are too many people on the planet already.
Teenage Smoking: I haven't got enough space in my appartment to smoke teens, so I have to have mine roasted.
Spice Girls: Cinnamon, some nutmeg and a pich of clove with some brown sugar.
Dreams: Last night I dreamed i was in the Army, which gave me olive green sneakers to wear for my right foot, and ran out of my Grandmother's house. The Captain was a woman, and Iknew she was the Captain because she had a different hat. The General had a moustache, and yelled when we left the house with the oven light on.



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Jan. 26th, 2004 09:41 am (UTC)
You forgot to close your bold tag, lovermine.
Jan. 26th, 2004 10:18 am (UTC)
No, it's worse than that; i carefully but strong tags around all the headers before I started, then wnet through and carefully wrote my answers inside the strong tags, bolding all my answers. Fixed now, in any case.
Jan. 26th, 2004 10:07 am (UTC)
Ever tip over a porta potty: No. Why the hell would you want to?
Eh. For reasons various and ambiguous. Largely being a bored teenager in a small town. There was a slight class imbalance in the town, and the porta-potty next to the Tennis Club seemed a good target for pent-up impotent self-righteous anger mainfesting as teenage mischief/vandalism.
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