Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


So, after much fiddling with switches and finally deciding to abandon the old drive completely, I got the new hard drive to work. I went in and partitioned it without problem, but soon found a new problem; I've lost my windows 2000 CD. I could install linux, but even then, installing win2k over top can be a pain, since it would nuke the MBR. Also, installing linux is a massive, frustrating pain in the ass that usually ends up taking a couple days befor everything is working correctly. Which I haven't the patience for.

So I guess I'll jsut keep dragging my laptop back and forth to work every day until I figure out a place to get a new win2k disc. I;d even considering buying a copy, except that you can't, any longer. I'm fairly ambivalent about buying windows XP.

Computers suck. I shoulda been a carpenter.
Tags: geek
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