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Forgot my cell phone at home this morning, because I forgot to take it out of my pants last night, and so tried to charge it while I had breakfast.

Had a discouraging workout last night; my arms, for some reason, were weak. While I wasn't targetting arms, all the exercises I did that used the arms at all seemed much, much harder, while the ones that didn't were about the same. Tonight, I am targetting arms, so tomorrow, I expect to be sore.

But, tomorrow, drinking on work's tab! Also, a rough week this week should mean a better week next week.

I've got a number of things I should be making appointments about. I should call to get an appointment to touch up my tattoo. I should call the eye doctor to get my eyes checked; I want to get new contacts. I have to go to the GP on Monday to get something looked at.

I still need to find a new martial arts club. I'm resolving that, if I don't find somewhere by the time the next cycle of jujutsu starts up at the gym, I'll sign up there, even though it's not really the jujutsu I want. Ineed to be training again, or else I'll start to slip.

I'm giving paper airplanes to everyone who comes into my cube today; night__watch's paper airplane calendar hadn't been turned over since the end of January, so I have a few extras.
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