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A day

All day long, my subconscious has been screaming. Howling. Whispering to run, hide. Shouting stories about knives and fire.

My conscious, sane mind was fine; relatively low angst, just mildly bored. But the little voice in the back of my head was in full blown paranoid sociopath mode. It was an odd experience. I also had a couple instances of suddenly confusing dreams with memories; I'd kind of drift off, remember something that had happened, and then, with a start, realise that the memory had, in fact, never happened, but was something I'd dreamed earlier this week. I do this from time to time; I still have a very vivid memory of watching a giant spider climb down a wall when I was a child, but I also recall taht it never happened. It took me months, if not years to sort that out though. For some time, I thought that I had actually seen that spider.

After I left work, I dragged my tired, aching body to the gym. My legs have been screaming all day, and I've had a brutal headache. I worked out anyway, and now, even though my weights set tonight was legs, my legs no longer hurt, my headache is gone, and I'm no longer tired. Yay for endorphins. My subconscious is also quiet.

I saw themusesbitch walking by the gym. I'd have waved, but the gym's on the third story.

When I got home, my new driver's license had come. I actually managed to get a good picture on this one! I may scan it in to use as an icon at some point.
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