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weekend update

Friday night, I left work, and headed downtown to shop; I picked up a new scanner and a wacom tablet, both for getting back into doing digital art illustration.

After coming home with my new toys, I sat and enjoyed the warm air, and one of the_doughboy's vodka drinks (which have been sitting on the balcony since November), and finished off Max Barry's Jennifer Government. Then, StB, Lizard and my brother (who shall be known in this journal as The Moose) arrived, and we went out to the pub for boxties (well, I got boxties). Post-boxtie, we hit Baskin Robbins for ice cream joy. At that point, The Moose headed back to Oakville, and I proceeded to be anti-social and fiddle with computery things while StB and Lizard watched tv.

Saturday, StB, Lizard and I woke up and headed over to Golden Griddle for breakfast, which had far too much fat and sugar in it; my system was messed up all day as a result. I wish their breakfast buffet had more fruit in it. GG is a nice indulgence every once in a while, but it's a bit much two weeks in a row... I need my smoothies and toast. After the sugar OD, Lizard went off to do some Lizarding, while StB and I went to Sears to get socks and such, and the comic book store to get comic books. We went back to Beta Colony, and played Zombies! while waiting. In the fullness of time, we got a Lizard, a Froggy, a Tyger, a Kat and a Tod. We all went down to Chinatown for food (which was yummy, but had nasty MSG in it), and tried to go to Come As You Are, which we had thought would not be closed, but was.

When we all got back to Beta Colony with the assistance of The Moose, we played Scene It, which is a DVD board game thingy, and then Trivial Pursuit. At that point, it was late, so all those not Sleeping at Beta Colony headed out.

Sunday was much lazier; while Lizard went swimming in a great burst of energy, StB and I sat around in our PJs playing Warcraft and Zombies!. Around lunch time, Froggy and Tyger came back over, and we sat around being tired for a bit, then played Asshole and ate pizza, which was tasty, but which I will likely regret eating for a few days. StB and I then played some more Warcraft 2.

I spent several hours after that working on my first trump for kalivor's upcoming Amber PBeM, which I am really looking forward to. A big part of the fun of Amber campaigns for me is the contributions. I just can't fully imagine characters until I have a good strong visual of them, and the best way to get that is to draw them. I also have grand ambitions for the website for this game; I want to have something where the players can post messages and upload images, so that everyone else can have a good place to go to for their contributions, which will hopefully encourage them to make more. And, hopefully, I'll get plenty of points for that so that I can offset the amount I'm likely going to spend on the auctions that are going on this week.

I'm going to go drink a gallon of water and take my headache to bed.
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