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Having a blah day. A Blah week, really. The weekend seems to have kind of wiped me out. Last night's workout was less than great; I had a "weak" night where I had a harder time lifting than usual. Mostly though, though, I'm just feeling phsycially and emotionally drained.

Good Things:

  1. I am finally below 200 lbs. I got to shift the big weight on the scale over one slot last night to 199.5, which is fairly emotionally satisfying.

  2. My trump for amber_by_mail is coming along nicely, though slowly; it'll likely take me the rest of the week to finish it. The tablet is working out beautifully. I only wish pressure sensitivity worked with the GIMP.

  3. I get a free ReallyNice dinner tomorrow night, courtesy of neeuqdrazil's dad.

  4. I get to see David Bowie in concert Thursday!

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