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Bowie report

Bowie last night! Rocked!

After our sushi dinner, we came in to catch the end of the openning act "Polyphonic Spree", which was an odd bunch of kids in choir robes, with french horns, a harp, and a choir featuring at least one kid with a mohawk.

Bowie himself was incredible.

The man just has incredible energy... it seemed like he was just out there having a good time. I sincerely doubt I'll be enjoying my job that much at 56.

The ACC is a surprisingly good venue; our tickets were worth what we paid for them. One thing I found interesting; since it's indoors, it's theoretically non-smoking. However, early on, a lot of people started smoking quite a bit of pot. Bowie could smell it on stage, so I suspect the entire arena smelled like pot. Later on, though, since people were already smoking pot, the nic fiends lit up, too, mixing up the smells.

Bad news for night__watch; the song "Slip Away" (twinkle, twinkle, Uncle Floyd) is actually about someone named "Uncle Floyd"; a guy who used to host a community access kids show with badly made puppets in New York in the 70s. Bowie and pals apparently got stoned and watched it on a regular basis.

Another thing that struck me; Bowie had a huge band. There were 7 including Bowie. I wonder how much he manages to avoiding having to play off of DAT by having that big a band. I keep hearing about the sad kareoke state of certain kinds of music these days; with three people in the band, there's nowhere near enough people to play the music live, and bands that are less successful than Bowie can't afford to have that many members (since apparently the payout gets split between however many member there are, so more members means less per person.)

Also; "Moon dust will cover you; Bowie said so!" and, "and then Bowie said; tch! Pffhhh!"

All this, of course, was peripheral to the music, which blew me away.
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