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Last night, we went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, then Hellboy. Sunshine was an impulse movie; we had tickets for the 10:00 show of Hellboy, and it was 6:55 when we got to the theatre, so we ran into the showing of ESotSM that had started at 6:50, so we missed the ads and only had to watch the trailers.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was a fantastic movie... I nearly lost it at a couple points. It's powerfully emotional without being too blatantly button-pushy.

Hellboy gave me everything I hoped to get from it. It seemed a little rushed, like there needed to be more explanation and character development which had ended up on the cutting room floor, but overall, I liked it.

Today, I am trying to be all productive, despite the clock being on fast-forward somehow. I spent the morning doing the database setup for the amber_by_mail website, then started to plan the code layout. I've also spent a considerable stretch of time doing laundry, taking out recycling and doing the end of month financial stuffs.

Now, I need some water, because I'm light-headed, and then I will go read up some more for my code plans.

Eventually, we will eat some kind of dinner, then head out to the Phoenix, a local normal drunken frat boy bar (or so I expect it to be) for webby's birthday thingummy.
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