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Home from the ElizzAllanna bday thigny at the Phioenix.

After spending 90 mintes wating, peope finally showed up.

drank enough. Hydrating now.

11am will be early today to go to dim sum. I will survuve.

Didn't do anythgin I shouldn't have done. Some day, I'll finally snap, and cetain people will be uncomfortable. But honestly, I seem to retain X amount of slef-control to the point where I retain memory. So if I recall something, I was probably 90% sane, if a bit impulsive. By the tiome I start doing things I don't think I should do, I am usually drunk enough to have blacked out.

But, X, and Y, and perhaps Z are safe, because I am a poltie drunkard.

Water is my friend.


I habe a very long post floating aroundin my head about being a person who exists in the interstices of various subcuktures. So, be warned, I'll prolly post some kind of melancholy angety thingy in the next week. Right now, thoguh, watewr is my friend. One litre down, time to refill.

Maybe I shoudl try to sleep at some point. Or, at leat stop typig stufg into this post.
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