Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Having a moderate hell week. Moderate, because work is just hellish, and not preventing me from sleeping at night by waking me up with problms at all hours. Yet.

Not getting enough exercise, binge eating and have too much of a persistant headache to drink enough to prevent the eating.

Will feel bad about this next week.

Three good things:

  1. Nice weather; I spent 45 minutes on the lawn at work reading. Well, reading and shivering in the breeze. But still, sun! Also, the cords for my laptop are more than long enough to reach to the balcony to enjoy the setting sun right now.

  2. My AmberByMail website now lets users log on and change thier passwords! No sign of ability to add or display content yet.

  3. Kill Bill party saturday.

Tags: update

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