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blah report

friday night, I worked later than I wanted to, then went home. When I got home, the lovely neeuqdrazil had gone and bought a pile of ps2 games; most importantly for me, Soul Calibur 2. Not long after, my brother (Moose) arrived, and we went for dinner. After that he had to run back to his job to take care of some stuff. Later on, I was kept up until 2am by work stuff again.

Saturday, my body did its usual thing, and woke me up at 7am and wouldn't let me go back to sleep. So, I got up, and was fully mobile, fed and cleaned by 10, so I went to the gym to make up for only having been twice in the previous two weeks. It was a beautiful day to boot, so I was glad I got going early enough to enjoy it. I worked out at the gym from 10:30 to 1:30. My body let me know that it was unhappy that I had been neglecting it; this week is likely to hurt, but if I can make it through, I should feel better next week. I also signed up for the overpriced jujutsu at the gym, so I'll have martial arts again.

When I got back from the gym, pez_minotaur came and picked me up. We zoomed off and sat in traffic as we crawled towards Burlington and Pez' drum lesson. While Pez drummed, i realised that the workout was catching up with me, so I spent the 40 minutes walking to get myself some lunch and gatorade, and walking back. From there, we went to conspiracy comics, where I got some keen t-shirts, including and Invader Zim doom song shirt. After that, blech! There was beer, and corned beef, and cranium! Much fun was had. Somehow in the course of the night, I managed to set my watch back an hour, so I nearly ended up confused and lost in Hamilton.

Sunday, I managed to sleep in a bit, then spent most of the day being lazy; I went through a good portion of the weapon master mode in Soul Calibur 2, and I'm finally getting the hang of at least one character.

Sunday evening, when neeuqdrazil came home with her pretty new hair, there was, first, picture taking. Then, chores; laundry, dishes, dishes, taking our garbage, dishes, taking out recycling, and dishes. But our kitchen was finaly clean again after being a disaster for several weeks.

After dinner, I went through my closet and drawers and started to purge stuff that didn't need to be there; anyone need a bunch of black pants in sizes 40 and 38? I'm not likely to be that size again soon enough to justify keeping them, so if no one wants them, I'm goign to drop them off at the salvation army or something like that.
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