Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

The Fairy Quiz!

What color would your skin be? blue-black.
Wings? Black and shimmery, like oil on a road
Hair? black and coarse

Eyes? red
Your tail/ears/other appendages, if you have them? long, pointed ears
How long would your hair be? hair on the head, half way down my back. thick hair most everywherre else, too.
Would you have a pattern on your body? No
On your wings? Nothing constant
What shape would your wings be? large, a cross between bat wings and butterfly wings
How many would you have? 2
How many limbs would you have? The standard amount
Body type: Short, stocky, muscular
Would you be naked? completely
If you wore clothes, what would they look like? No clothes! If I had to wear them, well tailored victorian clothing.
What would they be made of? regular fabric
Would you have jewelry? no
What would it look like? no
What would it be made of? no
Is there something you would carry with you everywhere? no
Would you have little faery weapons? no
What magical powers would you have? glamour
Would you have any faery pets? no
Would you live in the land, the water, the air, or a combination, or none? land and air. not in the water, but perhaps near it, especially swamps
What would your house look like/be made of, if you had one? It would be a palace in the otherworld. To get there, just step into the ring of mushrooms...
What would you eat? blood, bones
Is there a favorite flower, mushroom, moss, rock, tree, etc. that you would favor to hang out in/under/on/by? No

When someone saw you for the first time, would you look...

beautiful? No
Scary? Yes
glittery? No
cyberish? No
playful? No
devious? Yes
horny? Yes
sad? No

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