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We hd a couple of nice days on the town this weekend, while lizard was going mad with her reading deprivation.

Yesterday, we went out for lunch at the bishop and the belcher (nice pub with trivial pursuit cards at the tables), hit the silver snail to buy comics (more preacher for me!) and chapters (more wild cards) and finally to see lord of the rings again.

Today, we met geoff, nikki and chuck down town for dim sum, followed by a spending spree at HMV (since they're discontinuting their club cards at the end of feb.) the nike store to use up our $100 worth of gift certificates, and the wonderful liquour store at davisville, where I got, among other thigns, absente, which claims to be absinthe without the toxic hallucinogens.

The absenthe even came with an absinthe spoon, though I'll have to wait to try it since I haven't got any sugar cubes
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