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Yet another edition of curgoth being whiny.

On the whole, I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday was the webby movie party, which was quite fun. Sunday, we left webby's and I drove to Stratford, which is the first Real Long Drive I've ever done. So, I know I can handle that now, which pleases me. Stratford is a nice town; Zil got some pretty knicknacks from ElizaGoth, and I got a couple of walking sticks from the Scottish Store (one of them unscrews into three pieces for easy transport, and has a test tube hidden in the top for emergencies).

The play (The Count of Monte Cristo) was pretty good as well, though you could tell it was a "preview"; a couple people dropped their lines, and the fight scenes had a couple glitches in the choreography (there were a couple times when one guy would lift his leg to kick an opponent who was too far away to kick.)

After the play, I drove us back to Oakville, where my parents gave us dinner, and my dad drove us back to Toronto.

Right around bed time, though, I began to realise that I had come down with food poisoning from somewhere.

I spent half the night in the bathroom with horrible things coming out of both ends of my body. I puked hard enough to make my throat bleed, and the last time I ended by dry heaving bile after tossing up a litre or so of water. My abs are still twitching and sore from the convulsing. Needless to say, I'm staying home from work today; even if I really am done with the vomitting, I don;t trust myself to eat yet, and I have to be careful drinking water.

I also feel guilty because every time I started puking, I woke up neeuqdrazil, who came and looked after me, and hence didn't get much sleep either. Unlike me, though, she has to go to work today, and is likely to feel crappy.
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