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Yet another edition of curgoth being whiny.

On the whole, I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday was the webby movie party, which was quite fun. Sunday, we left webby's and I drove to Stratford, which is the first Real Long Drive I've ever done. So, I know I can handle that now, which pleases me. Stratford is a nice town; Zil got some pretty knicknacks from ElizaGoth, and I got a couple of walking sticks from the Scottish Store (one of them unscrews into three pieces for easy transport, and has a test tube hidden in the top for emergencies).

The play (The Count of Monte Cristo) was pretty good as well, though you could tell it was a "preview"; a couple people dropped their lines, and the fight scenes had a couple glitches in the choreography (there were a couple times when one guy would lift his leg to kick an opponent who was too far away to kick.)

After the play, I drove us back to Oakville, where my parents gave us dinner, and my dad drove us back to Toronto.

Right around bed time, though, I began to realise that I had come down with food poisoning from somewhere.

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