Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Finally back at work today. Kind of wondering that's a mistake. My digestive system, after finally allowing me to eat food yesterday, doesn't seem terribly impressed with the whole "digesting" concept this morning. No puking yet, I just feel nauseated and gross. Also very tired, but that's likely because instead of sleeping in until 9, as I've been doing since Satruday, I had to be up at 6 this morning. Morning is not my friend. I am drinking gatorade mixed from powder again today, though I think this will be the last day I do so; I seem to be well enough that I can recognize how terrible it tastes. I'm definitely not back to 100% yet. Definitely grumpier than usual... I've been fighting the temptation to snap at people all day. Blah. Curse you, deadly meat!

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