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I am far too happy that I have unlocked "Extra Vs. Team Battle Mode" in Soul Calibur 2. (It lets you have team vs. battles with unlocked weapons). I've been on an unlocking spree in SC2; I've got access to almost all (but haven't bought all of) of the weapons (the only ones I'm missing are the gag weapons; I only have Nightmare's Galley Oar), and the only character I haven't unlocked is Lizardman. The internet tells me that one can't unlock Lizardman until one is a level 72 platinum edgemaster. I'm probably going to obsess over the game at least until I have all the best weapons for each character ( I have soul edge (complete) for most of them already, which is the 2nd best weapon) and all the extra costumes.

This has been your dork report.
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