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dream time

I had a dream that was a follow up, somehow, to this one. The "Main Guy" from that dream was in suburban type city (kind of like Woodstock or Kingston, actually), and there was a concert going on in a kind of boarding house thing across the street. The main part of the house was something like a universoty boarding house, (the basement belonged to Rose, whop, knowing that the other people living there had arranged for the concert, had put up a sign by the basement door saying "Rose's Basement: I charge $4 per load of laundry." She had apparently had problems with people coming over to the house, then using the washing machine in the basement.) Off to the left, though, the house opened up, and there was a semi-enclosed area with grass. There were stone/brick walls, but the floor was grass, and there was no cieling. The wall closet to the road was also missing. Main Guy had some attachment/involvement with the singer from the band, who was still warming up. There weren't very many people watching, especially considering the size of the space (roughly that of a football/soccer field). The singer didn't know who Main Guy was; I think there was some sort of secret identity type hing where he was drawn to her, but didn't dare to involve himself in her life.

Think this dream was set some time after the first one, though there was no sign of Tall Guy. Main Guy was wearing something closer to a uniform or some sort of BDUs with a long black coat. The sword from the first dream wasn't visible, but was still there, hidden somehow.
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