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I'm in an odd mood today. I'm grumpy, pissy and depressed, but my creativity is going all tingly, possibly because of my dream.

Feeling kind of upset because I wasn't nearly as productive as I wanted to be this weekend. My energy levels have been really low all weekend long, and I'm finding that very frustrating. I think it may be fallout from the food poisoning last week. I've been having heart burn and what feel like blood sugar fluctuations. I suspect not being able to exercise much is also a contribtuting factor.

I am trying to get chores done today, to make up for sleeping through cleaning day on saturday. So far, I have done some, but not all of the dishes, and been foiled at my attempt to start the massive amounts of laundry.

Now I go do more dishes, then try to get at the laundry again.
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