Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Dreams again

I think my dream unit is stuck in overdrive.

I remembered my dreams again last night. I dreamt of a couple people I went to high school with. I was staying on the floor in someone's basement with neeuqdrazil overnight. I accidentally walked in on someone changing, and was terribly embarrased and ashamed. I spent time carving a big stick into a wooden naginata; it was originally going to be a bokken, but there was enough stick left on the bottom to form the staff part. Someone else was behaving childish and nastily, but I ignored that person.

Also, while on the bus on the way to work, I dozed off, and woke with a start when I started to dream; I got an image of a man's back with a tribal spider in black and red tattooed on it. This, for whatever reason, startled me awake.

The whole "Order of Merlin" thing that has popped up in my dreams at least twice now has been weighing on my subconscious, to the point where I think I need to do something with it. Either try to write something for it, or set it up as a game world of some kind; I'm leaning heavily towards the latter.

My rough idea so far is that at one point Merlin (Amber's Merlin) had children on an Earth-like Shadow. In the Shadow's time line, that was a long time ago (millenia). His bloodline is by now quite dilluted, and manifests occasionally in seemingly random kids. There are a few rare magical artifact floating around, though no one seems to have any idea what exactly they do, or where they came from. there's the Order of Merlin (aka the Knights of Merlin/Knights of the Shadow/Knights Templar/?) who were supposed to keep track of the artifacts and the blood of Merlin, but much of what was once known has been lost.

So, occasioanlly these kids pop up who are really strong, really tough, and don't get old. And they can work weird mojo via magic/psychic powers/etc. Or rather, some combination of those, since the Blood of Merlin isn't that consistent. To some extent, it's kind of like Highlander or BtVS, with the Order serving as Watchers, except that theres much less understanding of who these kids are, and what they do. There's no great Evil to fight, and no "There can be only one". Just a handful of powerful near-immortals running around.

I was thinking this morning, and I was thinking that using Amber rules as a starting point could work pretty well, but only give the PCs something like 10 points, forcing them to sell down attributes to buy powers and artifacts since, in this context, "Amber level" is still pretty damned good. I'd probably toss out ADRPG sorcery, since that would up the power level way too fast and way too cheaply without shaodw shifting and pattern to balance it. I'd probably replace it with a pile of faster, similarly priced "psychic powers" like ESP, telepathy, maybe telekinesis, etc.

So, all I need now is to figure out some kind of plot to run (other than the obvious "finding out Merlin and Amber, etc." long term plot), and some players with good ideas, and I'll be set. I may do it as a con game if it works face to face.

Before I start up any new games, though, I need to finish the current chapter of Silver Age Sentinels. I havne't been able to find my notes, but at this point I figure I can go on without 'em, since all the NPCs and PCs charcter sheets are stored electronically. All I'm really missing is the advancement points I gave to people.

In any case, clearly my brain is jonesing for some creative time, which it's not likely to get until the weekend at the earliest.
Tags: creative_projects, dreamtime, specfic, stories

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