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*wheeee*... ow.

So, I dragged my grumpy ass off to jujutsu, and I had a fairly good class. Joel (the instructor) tipped me off to why I was doing so poorly (I was pulling back and setting myself up for an armbar), and I was starting to feel like I was getting it. Then, near the end, during free grappling, my partner and I got too close to the edge of the mats, and I ended up dropping all of my weight onto my elbow, on the hard tile floor. It made a pretty scary sound, but, thankfully, it was my elbow and not my head. I figured I was ok, but after moving around a bit, I realised that my left arm was slightly numb... I went on through the rest of class, and helped put away the mats, got changed, etc., then I really started to notice it. My body is really good at blocking out pain when I get hurt - a little too good, since I often don't realise how badly I've hurt myself (or that I've hurt myself at all) until 30-60 minutes later, when the adrenalin/endorphins wear off. I covered my shoulder in a535 when I got home, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow. Anyone know what I should be doing for this sort of thing? I don't think I should be icing it up, at least not yet, since I think that'll make it tighten up...

In other news, I've only been able to get one of my earrings back in. I can't find the hole at all on one end, so I suspect that it may have healed shut in the past 3 hours, which is impressive since I got the ear pierced in 1997, and haven't had the hole open for more than a couple hours at a time since. So, I may have to go shove it through to re-open it (or maybe use a needle) so I can get the earring back in. I'll get Zil to look at it first though, so I don't get blood all over the place needlessly.

Grr. Body and I were getting along so well before last week...

I'm also starting to get tired of being bald... so I may not shave this weekend. We'll see how I feel.
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