Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Dream time

Yet again, I remembered my dream this morning upon waking.

I dreamt that I was a teenager. I had, on some visit to Toronto been captured by a group of elderly people who made a habit of capturing and brainwashing young people. I was held prisoner, but I resolved to be as dangerous as I could within the context given; sort of like Daemon Sadi in Anne Bishop's books. I was threatening and excitingly dangerous, but only as much as my Methusalan handlers would permit. There was a scene with me climbing around tall chain link fences while coversing with party guests. There was talk of bringing in "chadors" as the new fashion craze. In the dream, a chador was more like a burqa, but in bright colours with floral prints.

Eventually, I realised that they couldn't really hold me there, and I left. I went to a mall of some kind, and went into a restaurant. My plan was to find my way to Union Station downtown, and from there sneak onto the GO train without paying to get back to Oakville. The leader of the old people found me there, but when he grabbed me, I decked him. There was a cop there, who helped me, and the scene then faded to the aftermath of the old people being rounded up. I recall clearly one of the old women returning form the hospital with all four limbs amputated below the knee/elbow, and springing around on her stumps shrieking in rage. As it turned out, most of the child prisoners were actually the children of the old people, which made it more perverse and incestuous. (those words were specifically used in the dream).

In this dream I was on the short side, slim, and around 14, with long dark hair. I kind of wonder if this is the same guy from my order of Merlin dreams, or if the resemblance is a combination of confabulation and residual self-image from when I had long hair.
Tags: dreamtime

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