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linux review...

So, I spent some time today trying to get linux back onto my workstation. It has been an exercise in frustration.

For my sevrer, I am quite happy with debian; what I want most for that box is stable and reliable, which debian Stable does very well. Stable sucks for a workstation, though, because all the software is a year or so out of date, Unfortunately, testing, the next debian level up, is unstable enough that a nightly update may suddnely cause programs you'rein the habit of using to either stop working, permanently, or simply disappear. So, testing is a pain in a differnet way. Today I went with debian stable, but when I realised that it was still using the 2.2 kernel, and I gave up on trying to find documentation for getting my USB mouse working with the 2.2 kernel, I decided that all the minor annoyances were excessive. So I'm ditching debian for the workstation. I am not as willing to be patient and spend time digging around trying to trick the installer into letting me get close to what I want as I once was.

I tried to install mandrake 10 before this, but the install locks up about 30 seconds in, so that isn't going anywhere.

I'm trying to d/l redhat's fedora right now in the hopes that it will give me more or less what I wanted from mandrake; reasonably stable stuff, but also reasonably recent, and more user friendly than debian. I want to go back to linux for two things; GIMPing and gripping. I have read that I should have better support for my tablet with the GIMP uinder linux, and ripping CDs under windows has, in my experience, been a much bigger irritation than under linux, where grip + LAME tends to sove all my problems.

Most of the stuff I do on my workstation can be done in either OS, since I browse from mozilla, and use chatzilla for IRC, and read mail in an ssh session to my server anyway. Windows gives me games, linux gives me GIMP + grip. In theory, anyway.

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