Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

aha! I have figured out why, of the two set of contacts I just bought, the clear ones are hard to see out of and the coloured ones are not as much; the clear ones appear to be the wrong prescription. So those ones are going back to the eye place tomorrow night. Hopefully they'lll exchnage them; the reciept is nearly invisible. However, I listened to what I was told, and only used the "trial" packet they gave me.

I only wish I had figured this out before I spent the past half hour putting in first the clear contacts, and then the coloured ones. I'm also finding that the coloured ones, in my left eye at least, can get a bit off-centre, so that my vision goes a bit green until I can get it aligned properly again, This only happens witm my left eye, oddly enough. The right, it just stays put.

My eyes are sore and bloodshot, but I can at least see now. Well, except that my eyes are sore and dry and tearing up. Blah.

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