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I had a retail spurt this afternoon. I went downtown, and bought Firefly on DVD, because I want to go through them again before playing Simon in Firescape at TBR. HMV, of course, has its 2 box sets for $80 sale, so I picked up Futurama volume 1 as well. neeuqdrazil wanted Buffy season 6 for the musical episode, but they didn't have any handy, so I stopped at the one pair of box sets. They do have the first 5 seasons of Buffy, plus seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Angel, as well as Family Guy and Futurama, if people are interested.

After that, I went to Future Shop to get some compressed air, since I like to have it around. When I walked in, I saw Warcraft 3 for $30, so I grabbed it; it came with WC3, the "Reign of Chaos" add-on, a strategy guide, and a copy of Warcraft 2. corwin77, you can have the WC2 if you want it; otherwise, it goes to whoever else wants it.

After that, I hit Harry Tarantula, where the owner was talking politics, and going into what a facist state we live in, because the CBC excluded the Green Party from the tv debates last election. I picked up "How Loathsome", a really nifty graphic novel, and what I think is the final Transmetropolitan graphic novel, as well as an SAS supplement.

Which reminds me, I want to schedule another SAS session soon... though I think I'm booked for the rest of the month until the 2nd weekend in July, unless people are free on Canada Day (which day are we driving to Kingston?)

I worked out three times this week, but only Tuesday night's jujutsu class was a "full" workout; Wednesday, I had to stop because I was starting to shake, and Thursday, I was only 40 minutes in before I moved wrong, and my shoulder started to hurt a lot again. I had an ice compress thingy on it for a while tonight. I'm frustrated with it not being healed yet. I'm hoping it's unsore enough to let me go to jujutsu tomorrow afternoon.

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