Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

exercise, and computers

I finally sat down last night and took another swing at getting linux back on my workstation at home. This time, I went with Fedora (redhat's non-commercial branch). Fedora's got bleeding edge everything; kernel 2.6, instead of xFree86, etc.

I was pretty impressed. This is the first time I've installed linux, and not had to spend a couple hours digging around online in windows to find the necessary drivers for my hardware, then spend another hour compiling things. It Just Worked. I've got a little bit of tweaking to do tonight, but overall, I'm pretty impressed; it's even got a version of apt-get, which is one of the reasons I like debian so much.

So, tonight, I should finally be able to rip the CDs I bought a month ago, which means I'll actually listen to them. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my wacom tablet working with the Gimp 2 as well, since it is supposed to have full support for pressure sensitivity, etc.

In other news, my shoulder is still hurty. I'm going to the gym tonight, but no kung fu, no weights, and no pushups. The rest of my body is mad that I've been skipping workouts. The nutritionst told me I should go get my shoulder looked at by a physiotherapist or something. I'm starting to think that, just maybe, I should actually get the damned thing looked at, since it doesn't seem to be healing very well.
Tags: bodyproject, geek

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