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Shoulder status; still healing. It's mostly ok, but still gets sore in the mornings. I'm going to start slowly working it next week, at half weight.

Spider bites; healing well.

General Health; cruddy - I picked up con cooties at TBR, so I'm fighting off a cold. I also seem to be exceptioanlly infection prone right now; I had a small scratch on my hand that got all nasty overnight. It's cleaned out and healing as well, but normally, I don't think it would have gotten infected. I suspect tiredness and stress are to blame.

I also finally found a reference to explain my sensitivity to stimulants: this place mentions that people with thyroid problems often report sensitivity to things like caffeine and pseudoephedrine, which matches my experience, and explains why I used to be able to drink coffee.

My exercise schedule has gone down the toilet; I haven't exercised since early last week, and probably won't be able to again until some time next week. The jujutsu class has ended without me having had a chance to talk to the instructor, which I feel guilty about. I wanted to at least tell him why I'd skipped most of the course.

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