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long drive

yikes... over five hours form Kingston to Toronto. Some of that was bad thunder storm. But most of it, as far as we could tell, was just people. driving. slowly. For no discernable reason.

Much thanks to kalivor for driving us! Had we been trapped in a rented car with the prospect of having to pay for an extra day due to traffic looming over our heads, we would have been exponentially more grumpy.

We were in Kingston for MsB's wedding (MsB being a high school friend of kalivor and neeuqdrazil's). The wedding itself was outdoors, and was both simple and sweet; I didn't even get annoyed at the religious official's words, which I usually do at these kinds of things. It was good that it was short; it was very warm and humid, and I was wearing a suit.

The reception was a great big ol' party, complete with good food, and a lame DJ. I tried to get drunk, but my body would have none of it; I reached tipsy, and was unable to go past that. For once, I accepted my body's decision, and didn't start pounding back drinks in defiance.

So ends the two weeks of wild vacationing! I would like to take some time off to recover now, but, alas, my employer seems to have bizarre expectations about me actually working in order for me to get paid.
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