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I've been playing warcraft 3 again in the past couple of days. I've beat the campaign in normal mode, and I can finally beat the computer in "custom" games, though not reliably, and I have to put the computer on easy mode.

I'm getting a craving to play with other people, though. I don't really want to start playing with random people on the net, though, because a) I suck, and b) most people are obnoxious. So, I'm asking my friends list for people to play crafty games with me.

I'd be interested in playing any of the following;

Warcraft 2
Starcraft w/ Broodwars

How to play?

Lan party at beta colony ( I can provide 3 machines that will play everything except wc3)
battlenet online games

If you're interested, make sure I've got instant message contact info for you. I usually won't have time for a full game on weeknights, but I often find myself wanting something to do on a weekend night that doesn't require spending two hours commuting somewhere.

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