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Closing up my mozilla tabs, too lazy to do so in a more organised way

Magnetic field weakening

Are we heading to a magnetic pole reversal? If so, what will it mean? Will there be a period where we are poleless?

FBI concealed weapons guide (PDF)

Linux based carwash in Toronto

They have based their businesses on a fairly crappy linux distro... but an entire computer for less than $500 ain't bad.

Jack Layton defends trip

Svend Robinson, who left politics when he had a nervous breakdown and became a kleptomaniac, went on a paid trip to finish up business.

Ontario gov't plans to buy up private MRI clinics

I'm not convinced that this is the best way to be spending the new health care tax.

Spin and counterspin about Michael Moore

This time, it's about Moore mixed with Canadian politics.

Flooding in Peterborough

Weather == crazy ass

Flooding in Edmonton

Climate == fucked up?

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