Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Random bits

Random things;

Being hit in the testicles with a violin is painful.

In browsing through that "I've done/not done" meme, I realise I have done very, very little.

Went gothclubbing Saturday night. The crowd was different; I didn't really recognoize anyone, which was odd. I think that, perhaps, a large portion of the crowd have started going somewhere else, or else just stopped going out (a possibility, since I am old).

My ears are still ringing from the aformentioned gothclubbing. Next time, I intend to take earplugs. This will, I hope, prevent further damage, but Isuspect that the current ringing is telling me that I have just lost a chunk of my hearing range.

I am getting exceptionally good at avoiding doing things lately; if you're expecting me to do something, remind me often, because I am going to be extremely flakey until work becomes less insane, and I start getting exercise and sleep again.

I have a lot of phone calls that I need to make. I am avoiding them all. I also need to fill out a heap of expense reports, which I am also avoiding.

I am looking forward to having some time to just crash out. There is a chance of that happening this weekend, unless work eats the weekend.
Tags: goth, whine, work

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