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good god damn...

I forget sometimes why I keep pushing myself to work out.

Then I have a night like tonight. Last night, I had to stop early because my calves seized up on me while running on the treadmill. Tonight, I had what seemed like an endless supply of energy. The cross trainer had to keep reminding me to slow down because my heart rate was getting too high. I made up for not having done weights this week by doing both legs and back/chest. When I was done, I was shaking and a little out of it, but after getting a smoothie into me and resting on the street car, the endorphins kicked in. It's... actually, a fair bit like the one and only time I managed to get high from pot. Too alert and bright for booze highs, and not painful the way stimulants are for me. So I'm sitting here eating my salad with my eyes bright and a smile on my face. Granted, when the endorphins wear off, I am going to fall asleep rather thoroughly, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The soreness from the weights won't really sink in in full until Friday.

I'm also on fairly good terms with my body because I've lost more weight; I seem to have settled down to 194. I had hoped to get somewhere close to 185 by the the end of November, but after the shoulder injury, I'm not sure that's achievable any more.


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Aug. 26th, 2004 07:28 am (UTC)
I forget sometimes why I kepe pushing myself to work out. I forget sometimes why I kepe pushing myself to work out.

So you can look all sexy like you do in your icon for this post?
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