Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

This morning's trip in was awful.

I actually left on time for once, got to the subway station around 8:10 (which is cutting it close, but still in the on-time range).

I get down to the platform, and there are delays. Once the delays are cleared, I could not get onto a train. There just was not any Matt-sized spaces. I saw several little tiny people fling themselves at the tightly packed wall of people, and manage to struggle onto the car that way.

Sometimes, I am tempted to do that. Except, I'd probably kill someone if I launched myself into a full car. It really drives me nuts when people push and shove to get onto the subway when its packed like that. Really, where do they have to go that its so important to get to? Is their employer going to beat them if they are 5 minutes late?

Plus, it holds up the train, and therefore the train behind it which may actually have space on it, when the launchers get trapped in the closing doors, because there isn't enough space for another person in there.

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