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Song meme, day 4

Song meme, day 4

Miss J is kicking ass here, folks.

Quick bit of detail; assuming that people keep guessing, I'm going to go to either 100 songs or someone scoring 50 points, whichever comes first. If interest drops off, I'll probably call it off half way.


2) "Your rescue squad is too exhausted" 1pt
Bjork, Army of Me, found by corwin77

3) "Flowers growing on a hill, dragonflies and daffodils, learn
from us, very much, look at us but do not touch, Phaedra is my name" 2pts
"Some Velvet Morning", originally Nancy Sinatra. Cover; another 2 pts available for the cover artist
Found by mac_arthur_park
missjanette caught that the cover I'm referencing was the Lydia Lunch cover.

4) "Well-hung and snow-white tan" 1pt
"Ziggy Stardust" David Bowie, caught by mac_arthur_park

5) "they're telling you lies, privation within their rhymes, don't
wait for god's embrace" 2pts
De/Vision, Dinner Without Grace, found by tafkar

8) "It's really not so bad, you know, once you get past the taste." 1pt
Nine Inch Nails, Starfuckers Inc. found by missjanette

9) "I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black" 1pt
Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box, found by neeuqdrazil

10) "The blood that touched the cross-tree and the grail,
touched a cloud and left a sign" 5pts.
HMB, In The Beginning. (Lyrics from the Dylan Thomas poem of the same name.) Found by vulture23

11) "Is it really such a crime for an angel to speak his mind?" 2pts
Voltaire, Almost Human, found by missjanette

12) "Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still, whoever is righteous,
let him be righteous still." 2pts
Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around, found by missjanette

15) "Open up your hate and let it flow into me." Cover! 1+1pts
Disturbed, Get Down With the Sickness, covered by Richard Cheese, found by corwin77

16) "My favourite dreams of you still wash ashore" 1 pt
Nine Inch Nails, Something I Can Never Have, found by djvitruvius

17) "Writ in the dark, a tiny sickle, a small 's' cut by a surgical knife" 2pts
Einsturzende Neubauten, Total Eclipse of the Sun caught by missjanette

18) "I'm in this mood, because of scorn, I'm in a mood for total war." 2pts
VNV Nation, Darkangel, found by jadine

Old unsolved

1) "Leave me lying dirty, someone would find me soon" 2pts

6) "I would like to be different than what I am, but I can't change
yesterday." 5pts

7) "Watching all the world and war-torn, how I wonder where you are." 2pts, 1 pt left
Something by David Bowie, from a recent album, caught by kalivor

13) "Negelcted women shouldn't worry, that's what God made sailors
for!" 2pts
Rasputina, song title unguessed, caught by missjanette

14) "Close the door, leave your fears behind, let me give you what
you've giving me." 2pts

19) "And she ties her naked children up in wires and lace" 2pts
The Swans, title unguessed caught by missjanette

20) "Now like a bird, she flew away, to chase her dreams of books and praise" 2pts

21) "Sadly one sunday, I waited and waited, with flowers in my arms for the dream I'd created." 3pts
Gloomy Sunday, pegged by missjanette. Artist still unknown; for this one, the artist is worth 2 pts. Not the standard Gloomy Sunday lyrics.

New songs

22) "Forever in your arms, you said. Forever in my heart." 2pts

23) "and without your love, I'm lonely, deep inside" 2pt


missjanette 12
vulture23 5
mac_arthur_park 3
tafkar 2
jadine 2
neeuqdrazil 1
corwin77 2
kalivor 1
djvitruvius 1

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