Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Up this morning at 7, got myself moving and did some dishes before eating breakfast and moving down to Cabbagetown for tattoo touchups. As it turned out, Zil didn't need a touch up; my two ended up taking an hour or so. I'm very happy to have them touched up. It makes me want to go get more ink soon; however, I must sacrifice more money to the car god and balance the budget in the car god's prescence before I can spend the significant chunk of change that my next pieces are going to cost. (holy run on sentence batman!)

The second half of the day, from about 6:30 on, was spent at work; part of a planned "emergency test" type thing where we swtich our system to run out of Montreal for a few weeks. They're switching back when I'm at ACN, with my cell turned off. :) Because my tattoo is still fresh, I left on my sleeveless shirt when I went to work; reactions to my tattoos was surprisingly positive.

Now I am home, and very tired, and should sleep soon.

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