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Friday night the Lizard was out at the Opera, so I made myself some spicy, vaguely "fusion"-y meatloaf that, while good, wasn't as "Asian" as I had hoped it would be. I drank wine, and played "Evil Dead: A Fistfull of Bookstick" on the PS2. Went to bed sometime around 2, I think.


Saturday was meant to be a productive day. I got up some time between 8 and 9, but aside from doing laundry and a few dishes, mostly sat around playing more Evil Dead. In the evening, we join pez_minotaur and ravynne_77 for Indian food at Siddhartha, our new favourite Indian place in TO (actually, Babur, might be nicer, but it's further). After that, Lizard went home, while the rest of us went to kalivor's bday bash. More wine was drunk, followed by some whisky. We watched Shaolin Soccer, which is a fantastic film, and then, after everyone else left, Kalivor and I watched 5th Element. I crashed on the couch at around 3:30, and a cat slept on my feet, which was fine, since I don't breathe through my feet.


Sunday I woke up at 8, and snuck out to catch a GO bus back to TO. Ihad Harvey's for breakfast, even though I should know better. When I got home, I showered, and took a dose of nyquil to get the cat out of my lungs before heading to Lizard's Aunt's place, where there are more cats. Nyquil combined with lack of sleep meant that I slept on the subway, then in the car, and then in the living room, until a little before dinner. Sleep good. The turkey dinner was great. More wine was consumed. I only managed to stay awake for an hour or so after getting back home, then I slept yet again.


Since Saturday had been a wash, I wanted Monday to be productive... it wasn't. More video game playing and sitting around being zoned out. thanks to corwin77, we finally got to see the rest of Donnie Darko. I have a lot of questions about it, and I want to see the new Director's Cut version that's supposed to be out now. Then I discovered Settlers of Catan Online, and that accounts for the rest of the night. :)
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