Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Dream Time

The dream I had this morning started out in school; post-secondary, I think. As often happens in dreams about school, I realised that I was in a class (physics, this time; it's usually a math-based class), and hadn't been going for a while, having forgotten either that I had the class at all, or when it was.

This transitioned into a less panicked and more social setting, with a fairly friendly teacher. It seemed more high school like at this point. I think selfish_idol was sitting a few desks away from me. The class clown, who was a lot like Stiffler from the American Pie movies, started to make trouble and was kicked out of the class; dragged, actually, by black uniformed-wearing guards. I think there were at least 3 guards. No one was alarmed by the guards taking the kid away, and the teacher made some funny comment about the kid after he was gone.

The next part of the dream shifted gears somewhat; all of a sudden, the people in the dream were the cast of Buffy somehow, though none of them actually were identifyible as Buffy people. There was a short bit of hunting some kind of monster though the school, then I guess I got bored with monsters; the monster was forgotten, and a weird effect began. Basically, what was happening was that people were exchanging personalities. Not identities, just personalities. So, if Buffy and Willow changed personalities, Buffy would still be Buffy Summers, with all her memories, etc., but she'd behave like Willow.

After the cast of the dream figured it out, the Buffy part went away. We were back at a college/university, and I was watching the adult parent or teacher with us and my male friends dealing with the changes to their personalities. It was incredibly entertaining, and I soon figured out that I seemed to be the only one unaffected. We moved outside, and discovered that everyone was affected, and that a lot of people were behaving somewhat wildly, because the personality shifts were messing with people's inhibitions. There was a NSFW scene in there.

The action then moved back inside, to a lecture hall that reminded me of a smaller version of Roy Thomson Hall. Someone associated with MIT was giving a talk, and I was trying to pay attention to it. One of the directors from work (who I actually respect), was trying to get people to pay attention, but people were pretty distracted. Around this time, I finally woke up. I think the dream would have kept going if I'd let it, but my alarm was about to go off.
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