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So, after my whiney post yesterday, I went to the gym.

Apparently, there are actually stretches of time on saturday afternoons where the big studio is empty, so I actually got to go through my kung fu forms, which made me feel worlds better.

Saturday night, we watched the Order. It was a terrible movie. After that, I finally finished the armature for my mask. I put the papier mache on it this afternoon, and it's currently sitting on the table drying. When it's dried enough to pull off the armature, I'll start another mask so I can feel free to experiment.

Today, much cleaning got done - the place isn't sparkling, but after letting things slide for almost a month, it's a lot better.

I also got the Lizard to re-dye my hair tonight, so my hair is now all short and red again. :)

I'm really wiped now, though, and considering an early bedtime.

I snagged a different wine today; New Zealand white, called Cat Pee Over Gooseberries. that what it's called, and that's their description of the taste. It's actually really good, very subtle and light. It went well with the dinner we had; baked ham, low fat scalloped potatoes, acorn squash and sauteed portabello and crimini mushrooms.
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