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This weekend has been wildly busy, and it's going to continue to be crazy busy; my weekend is going to run through monday, with me doing a full day of work in the middle of it.

Friday I left work early, pleading cold related death. Went home and started the Big Pot of beef barley mushrom soup. Put in way too much barley, so it turned into beef mushroom barley stew. The mask got a coat of white paint.

Saturday, the mask was finished, and a second mask was put together, just because. night__watch got to make his as well. A chicken was roasted, whiskey was bought, and the four horses of the apocalypse are now painted, though I haven't got cardboard to do the heads yet, so I've got three mixed pots of paint sitting with saran wrap on 'em so I can do the heads when I get the cardboard. I also finally saw both Bulletproof Monk and the Witches of Eastwick.

Today, we are off to game with uniquecrash5, then afterwards, to the rasputina concert.

Right at this moment, my head is fuzzy from spraypaint fumes.
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