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Last night was the Rasputina concert.

It was great! After rushing to get there for 9, becuase, as there was no opening band, I was worried that we might miss something.

It turned out that there was an opening act, Dayna Manning, a folk artist from Stratford who looks like tylorael. She didn't go on until some time after 10, I think.

Rasputina finally went on a bit after 11, so we could have taken more time at Casa de Crash, and still had time for me to spend more time getting prettied up.

The show was fantastic - we got a bit of witty banter, and a couple of unexpected crazy covers. At one point, Melora said something to the effect of "Please just bear with us, we want to do something classical. It's a little fetish of ours." Then they broke into "Barracuda", which google tells me was originally by "Heart". The last song in their encore was "a nice little song about the weather" - Bad Moon Rising.

It was kind of interesting to see how they did some of the songs from thier first album, since they had 3 cellists instead of 2 cellists and a drummer at that point.

A note on the audience; usually at Toronto goth-friendly shows, the audience sucks; I had a hard time hearing the band at the last VNV Nation show, because the crowd was talking too loudly. Granted, part of that was the venue, but for Rasputina, the crowd was pretty good. When they came out for their encore andstarted with "A Quitter", the entire place was dead silent, except for the bartenders talking. I've never seen a Toronto spooky audience go quiet like that.

It was also kind of interesting that apparently the only person there who had been at the last Lee's Palace show in 1996 was the bartender. For my own part, I didn't discover them until 1997.

As far as the song selection went, there were a few tracks off of Frustration Plantation, 3 covers, and a solid mix of stuff from the first two albums. The only song I really wanted to see live and didn't get was AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes.

This is the first show I've been to at Lee's Palace. The layout is very similar to the Opera House, but smaller, and with a better sound system. We nested at the back, and perched on a ledge, so I actaully got to sit, and up on the ledge I could see over the crowd. Due to the size of the place, I was still close enough to see what was going on pretty well.

In summation, it was well worth being really tired this morning.

Tonight, I take the fabulous neeuqdrazil to see Le Tigre!

The tiredness makes a good excuse to try the tasty teas I usually have to avoid due to caffeine content.
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