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Look at me! I'm Warren Ellis!

Wherein I try to rip off Warren Ellis fast fiction stunts;

athenalindia came across the word "pornocrat" recently.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a definition, description, or a bit of microfiction about pornocrat(s). Either post it here in the comments, or put it on your own LJ and post a comment linking to it.

Heck, even a bit of art if that's your bent (though Not Safe For Work warnings would be nice where needed).

Make something quick and short, basically. And your word theme is: "pornocrat", or "pornocracy".

I have a bit of my own, but I'll wait to burn out your eyeballs post it until I've got a few repsonses here. I want to see where you take this before I poison the well myself.
Tags: microfic, stories

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