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Halloweekend in review

I took Friday off of work to prepare. I spent a couple hours worth of time cleaning and doing dishes, and spent the rest of the day sewing straps and working on the horses. Unfortunately, I ended up being 2 hours late leaving for Hamilton, and had no way to reach StB to tell him that.

Since the lateness put me on a rush hour bus, it was 6:30 by the time I got to Hamilton, when I was supposed to have been there by 4:00. Still, we had time to kill in any case, so I had a burger at Harvey's and we played guillotine until it was time to go to Ishoween. The burger was key, becuase it was the first real food I had had since about 10am.

Ishoween was a lot of fun. I was not in a very highly socially funcitoning state, so rather than mingle, I mostly just stood around and drank. This, combined with the low amount of food in my body meant that I got drunk rather faster than expected, and renewed my acquiantance with the porcelain god.

Saturday morning I was feeling slightly green. I had one more call to make on the swirly white phone before I started to feel better. Fortunately, the restaurant people were feeling charitable.

In time, we made it back to TO. There was a marathon grocery trip, and, evenutally, a Paranoia game that bled into the party. The party was a great deal of fun. I think it was the first CHEESE that I was sober for, though it was kind of an easy choice to make at that point. My costume worked out reasonably well, though the sword straps are an idea that is going to need refinement.

Sunday, there was Golden Griddle, followed by a trip to the geeks store. After that, there was crashing on the couch and not getting anything done. We really needed it, though.

Pictures were taken, and will hopefully be posted tonight, at least for CHEESE - I forgot to take a camera to Ishoween, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a hold of the sword fight pictures.

I'm feeling pretty wiped out now; more emotionally than physically. Thanks to daylight savings time and a lazy sunday, I'm fairly well rested physically, but I just don't have any human interaction energy left.



Nov. 1st, 2004 10:01 am (UTC)
I will have those pictures sent to you,.. and everyone else,... :)

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