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exercise/semi-spritual stuffs

Well, sort of different. I went to Body Flow at the gym today; it's a sort of synthesis of tai chi, yoga and pilates. I recognized the tai chi parts from kung fu class, and by the end was getting to the point where it flowed, and I could start to feel the tingling in my fingers. The tingling is, supposedly, one's chi flowing through the body. Reaching that level always leaves me feeling full of energy, and a hard workout (which this class was) always takes less out of me if my chi is moving. If I keep going, I should get better at getting that energy up.

It was really nice to do some internal work to balance out all the external work I do. I need to work on relaxing a bit more, though, as I was too tense in spots.

As an added bonus, the studio was empty after the class, so I got to go throguh my kung fu forms. I'm going to tyr to make this a habit on the weekend from now on; body flow, then a few run throughs of my forms.

I'm feeling really good right now; the energy from the endorphins has worn off, so I'm tired, but a calm, plesant tired, not too different from having had one or two drinks.


Nov. 7th, 2004 02:19 pm (UTC)
Body flow/energy work is always just incredible. One of my Mom's friends zapped me with her crystal earlier today... the energy in this place is always outta this world.

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