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Link burst

Some of this will go into NNNet, some will not, as it's not really newsy.

Nine Songs, the most explicit movie to pass British censors

The film features unsimulated sex, but was granted an 18 rating since the sex is not gratuutious. I was particularly amused by the American mother's response.

Sex classes

This is probably not really news to most people reading this.

American mother wants to have book pulled from the library

The book is called "What my mother doesn't know"; apparently the mother was shocked by the amount she didn't know about sex, and didn't want her daughter to know any of it either.

MSNBC on Alfred Kinsey

Apparently Liam Neeson is playing him in an upcoming film, so expect to hear more about Kinsey for the next while.

Clean Sheets interviews Ashley Lister

About corporal punishment, spanking and writing about it.

Women and BDSM

Two women, a dominatrix and a slave, talk about feminism in their own contexts.

The Power of Nightmares

A UK documentary on how politicians are now promising to protect us from nightmares.

The BBC talks about the POwer of Nightmares

more info on this.

Creative Electric

Fun things to do with road kill. Their gryphon is pretty impressive.

The Urban Beast Project

More mad taxidermy, but not as well done

Halloween fun!

A guy rents a van to scare the bejeezus out of his friends on the way to a cabin. WARNING; this is on a very NFSW site.

The Canadian Supreme Court reserves judgement on masturbation case

Guy doesn't close curtains before wanking, gets arrested.

A guide to controlling your orgasm response

Or; what to do if masturbation's lost it's fun, and you're fucking lazy, but not that lazy.

United Church Ministers talk about unionizing.

David Brin talks about Neo-cons

and his political stance of "militant moderation"

Salt Lake City Weekly on Asexuality

Apparently, being asexual is "the next big thing" now that homosexuality and bisexuality are mainstream.

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