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Game Nerd: mechanics noodling

A thing I have noticed about myself, especially when I GM, is that I fall in love with systems. I read a game book, and fall in love with the mechanics. So I try to run the game, only to come across bumps in the mechanics (and every system has them). I then end up fiddling with the rules to try and make them Perfect. What this seems to actually accomplish is that I spend too much time messing with the system for there to be much of a sense of consistency to the game, and the story suffers from lack of attention.

In an effort to try to curtail this tendency in myself, I am going to try to commit to not run a game in a system until I've done a session or two of just playing with the mechanics with throw-away characters, and no significant plot.

I still want to take the new World of Darkness system for a test drive before I try to run a game in it. Ditto for the crazy fantasy/tri-stat game I keep wanting to run. So, beware; if you're hanging out at my place, and we're bored, I might try to draft you to test out some wacky game system.

Do people think this sounds like a good idea? A bad idea? Should I just stop trying to run game and just publish my ideas on websites instead?
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