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I've finally registered for Ambercon.

Now I need to figure out a) how I am going to get there and b) where I am going to stay.

I can't recall if the two bed rooms are, in fact two bedrooms with a bed in each or a single bedroom with two beds in. If the latter, I need to decide how much I want a place to run and hide by myself for the con, if it comes to it.

For b), I should have just purchased a car by the time of the con (I think), and, if not, I can rent one. So, assuming that I don't get us completely lost, I should be able to get StB and I down there ok. I think.

(this all ignores c), how I'm going to afford this right after buying a car, but we'll just pretend that problem doesn't currently exist)

I also need to decide if I want to run a game... I'm leaning towards no at this point because, well, I'm not the world's best GM, and while a lot of the ACUS people will be people I know, I'm a bit nervous about a new crowd.
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